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Meet the team

At LOF Management, we are a dedicated to helping your business thrive in the digital world.

Founded by Jan Nederlof, Bennie Scheurwater, and Djimon Ruis, our collective expertise and shared vision drive our commitment to delivering exceptional results for our clients.

Jan Nederlof

With his background in online advertising campaigns and filmmaking, brings a unique perspective to our team. His keen eye for capturing compelling visuals and his ability to build meaningful connections with clients make him an invaluable asset.

Bennie Scheurwater

Our creative genius in video editing and content management, ensures that every piece of content we create is visually stunning and tailored to our clients’ goals. With his meticulous attention to detail and innate storytelling abilities, he brings each project to life.

Djimon Ruis

Specializing in outreach and client management, is the driving force behind our strong relationships with our valued clients. His dedication to understanding their unique needs and ensuring their satisfaction is at the core of our client-centric approach.